We are working to provide the best quality service to our customers both in hardware and software fields in FinTech (Financial Technologies) sector.
ATM Terminal Software : The aim is to offer the right mix of design and product and service that best meet the expectations by defining the possible behavior of the customer on the ATM screen.
ATM Switch Software : Efficiently directs ATM and Card transactions to the appropriate network and works with the latest industry standards.
ATM Service Software : It enables ATM transactions to be performed quickly for banks that want to run ATM networks in the most efficient way and conforms to the ISO / XFS Protocol standards.
ATM Monitoring Software : It allows you to monitor and manage an ATM network from a central location. This dynamic tool has a graphical user interface that allows ATM operating personnel to fully view the entire ATM network of the bank.
ATM Manage Hardware : All components that need to be controlled at an ATM come together in this hardware and combine with our ATM Monitoring Software to provide excellent infrastructure monitoring and management at off-site ATMs.