OTM - Open Teller Machine

OTM is an Open ATM concept in which all applications with a multi-center or decentralized platform infrastructure and all financial transactions can be used in same machine. Especially for third party enterprices, this product can be an incredible income door for the first time in the ATM industry has been developed by DgiWorks.

OTM Features

  • OTM is a common-use ATM.
  • It has Open Platform infrastructure.
  • It can serve to more than one bank.
  • Third party financial applications other than banking can also be integrated. (e.g. Invoice/ Credit loading, Ticket sales, Donation applications, etc. )
  • You can buy OTM at a lower cost than classic ATMs.
  • There won’t be any BKM (The Interbank Card Center) or EMV commission fees or integration processes.
  • Because of the reason that it will be common-use ATM, you may charge transaction or commission fees to other bank customers for their transactions.
  • You can get additional income with various applications which you will add to open platform.